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60年的傳承經驗,用穩健的步伐持續創新60-years-experience continue to innovate steadily

KUNG LONG Textile was founded in 1946, and already goes through three generations. He not only retains the manufacturing technology to keep the perfect quality but also leads the industry to the future with continuous innovation and breakthrough. Besides importing the latest machine, KUNG LONG introduces digital management system which let the fabric from KUNG LONG be digital and save the communication time between suppliers and buyers.

100% determination keep to promote the reform of environmental friendly fabrics.

These few years, we always think how to reduce the chemicals and damages for the surroundings. We develop Natural x Light Function series - use the weaving process or the effect of the material to improve the function and make use of very much digital print textile to lower the environmental pollution as the dyeing. On 106 R.O.C, KUNG LING cooperates with the government's green factory plan to invest in environmental friendly power generation planning and his HOULONG factory will be added solar panels fully.


256X256X256-changed-color create unlimited possibilities

豐富的色紗交織工法與多樣化的幾合圖形,一直以來皆受歐美日各品牌業者喜愛,成為了坤龍紡織布料出口的主力,在繁複的色紗交疊中,唯有豐富經驗的色彩排列技術,才能完整呈現出色彩多樣變化的可能性。就如同我們的標語"KUEN LONG Knitting Technology Color the World",我們將用精湛的工藝撼動你們的產品。
The buyers from Europe, America and Japan always like the textural weaving crafts with plentiful colorful yarn and diversified geometric patterns so these fabric are the main force of KUEN LONG textile exports. During complicated color yarn crossing, it will present the possibility of diverse-changed-color by place-color-skills proficiently. Like as our slogan "KUEN LONG Knitting Technology Color the World", we will touch your products by our superb craftsmanship.

Market Advantages



Love the Earth

坤龍紡織在民國 106年,投入政府非核家園的計劃,在後龍廠區建置太陽能發電設備,容量共計 847.863(峄) KWP。此環保發電的投入計劃,預估平常時段可生產約678瓩的天然電力,期望減少核能或火力發電所帶來的汙染及危害,用更天然的方式為地球盡一份心力。
On 106 R.O.C., KUEN LONG has invested in the government non-nuclear homes project and built solar power generation equipment on HOULONG factory which can offer 847.863 KWP. The environmental friendly power generation project is a more natural way to contribute to the earth. It is estimated that it can produce about 678 kW of natural electricity during normal hours and reduce the pollution and harm from nuclear or thermal power.


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1F., No. 7, Ln. 63, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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